2. The Estimate

The estimate process for AmPro is a very detailed one. We want to make sure that we fairly and accurately bid all roofing projects based upon as many discoverable factors as we can. When the project manager visits with you for this process, they will first inspect the area utilizing their experience to identify any hidden problems that may present themselves during the project.

The project manager will then sit down with you to determine the types of roofing materials (repair or replacement) that may be needed to properly complete the roofing project. AmPro offers composition architectural shingles, cedar and metal available in many styles and colors.

Because we offer so many different styles of shingles, as well as roofing systems, this detailed presentation will provide you with solid information and choices so that your roofing project will be perfect once completed.

We do not use high price salesman, the project manager that visits with you will be your main point of contact throughout your roofing project.

Note: Because there are so many roofing companies out there that bid towards the mindset of the “lowest-priced gets the job” we are careful to explain the materials used, expertise and labor utilized and warranties backed by over 30 years in the construction industry. So many roofing services out there will simply throw out a casual low bid with little to no inspection or consideration for materials or quality.

We always will provide a competitive bid for comparable project estimates. We cannot outbid a fly-by-night company that does not have proper licenses and insurance, uses substandard materials or lack of a roofing system. This is not a reflection on our price, but rather a reflection on the quality job, that we will be placing our guarantee on, for many years to come.

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