3. Getting Started

Once you have decided to utilize AmPro as your roofing project contractor we will work with your schedule to arrange the delivery of your initial materials (shingles, lumber, supplies). We will then coordinate the installation date for your repair or installation.

(Note these dates may be moved slightly because of a change in weather. Rain, high winds and extreme temperatures will place unnecessary hazards on our installers. While we strive to get your roofing project done as quickly as possible, we cannot sacrifice safety for a deadline)

On the day of installation we will need full access to your driveway, most materials will then be transported to your roof with very few materials and supplies left on your driveway. We will also be bringing a large container for the old shingles and damage supports to be removed and recycled. Based upon the location of your driveway in conjunction with the roof it may be necessary to utilize the front or back yard to access the roof safely.

Great care will be taken to keep from damaging the lawn however, these large trucks and heavy containers have been known to dig into the grass. If you have any concerns with this please speak with us prior to the day of installation.

Ampro removes all old roofing materials and flashings down to the wooden deck. The deck is inspected thoroughly and repaired as needed before the new roofing system is installed.

Note: The day before your roofing project repair installation you will want to remove fragile items from your walls. Vibrations from a roofing project can easily translate through the walls of your home, these mild vibrations may shake loose pictures and knickknacks that are not securely affixed.

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