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What is a “Roofing System”?

A roofing system is comprised of a complete suite of high tech products all working together to create the most longest lasting and protective weather guard in building history. By using the AMPRO Weather Guard System we are able to offer you, the consumer, a 50 year non-prorated manufacturer’s labor and material warranty.  Now that is value!

Isn’t a roof really just tar paper, nails and shingles?

Well, this used to be the case. Quick buck roofers are still around offering tar paper and shingles. Unfortunately, these roofs offer a ten year life expectancy at best in our North West Climate PLUS their labor and material warranty lasts only as long as they stay in business! In the long run this is the most expensive roofing you can buy since you will be calling a roofer again in about ten years.

How long will re-roofing our home take?

Complete re-roofing projects average four days from start to finish.  Our crews are AMPRO factory certified and trained get the job done accurately and without delay. Ampro certified installers are trained in the expert installation of the AMPRO roofing systems.

Can we re-roof in the bad weather months?

Fall and winter are busy months. With AMPRO Deck Armor and Ice and Water Shield, your roof will be weather proof the first day even before the shingles are applied. Deck Armor is the added insurance that you will not be left out in the rain. Your shingles are really the frosting on the cake!

Does the GAF roofing system really last longer than tar paper and shingles?

YES!  The Deck Armor Membrane is 300% stronger than tar paper. Deck Armor is a woven fabric which breaths allowing moisture to escape. This prevents the trapping of ice and water under your shingles as happens with tar paper and shingle roofs.  Trapped water and ice under shingles is their enemy and will cut the shingle life to an average of ten years.
AMPRO is so sure of their roofing systems that they offer 50 year non-prorated manufacturer’s labor and material warranty on many shingle styles.


About the design and estimating appointment… What can I expect?

We will perform a complete visual survey of your home including the crawl space and attic to check for any obvious problems and note the window, roofing, siding and insulation condition.

We will suggest products and options providing a detailed estimate with proposal on the spot, you are involved with every step of this process. We will show you how to use our “virtual remodeler” to help you visualize your home’s new look!  This is a marriage saver!!

Windows & Doors

Why is there so much difference in window pricing?

Windows are no longer just a frame with glass. They are now a complete system which includes the vinyl frame, spacers, specialized glazing choices, locking systems and choice of gas or air between the multiple glass panes. We feature only the best National Manufacturers’ windows.  We will explain your options and choices in clear and concise terms and we will price your window project with you, not just for you.

Are Ampro’s windows guaranteed?

Yes. Our vinyl windows are guaranteed for life both labor and material by the manufacturers.

But how about those wild energy savings claims we read about? Will Ampro Elite Windows cut our energy bill by 40% guaranteed? 

How much energy you will save depends upon the glazing options you choose as well as the type and style of old windows we are replacing.

We do not need to make wild claims. Our windows will speak for themselves in beauty and comfort that is real! We will demonstrate the performance choices for you in your own home. You be the judge!

Does Ampro sell a triple pane window like we have seen on TV?

Our manufacturer, “Ply Gem”, manufacturers the triple glazed window seen in TV ads. We will gladly compare this window with your other options. Our dual glazed windows can meet or exceed the triple glazed windows with greater efficiency and less weight.

What about the gas inside the window?

Our window products are able to achieve the highest energy efficiency using a combination of Argon Gas and premium glass.

Is triple glazing really better?

Your energy savings still boils down to the spacing between the layers of glass. Our manufacturers are able to achieve among the highest energy savings available by using better components and two sheets of energy saving glass. Triple glazed windows are available, but not popular, due to weight and added cost for similar performance.

Remodeling and Additions

What about remodeling and additions?

We will sit down with you and discuss your family’s lifestyle and how we can improve your home’s functionality. We will take notes and prepare a design sketch using your input and ideas. We will prepare a preliminary estimate of the project cost in our first design meeting. Once we have your ideas on paper, we will prepare a professional design with details for our second meeting. In our second meeting we will finalize the work estimate and the material specifications. Remember, you will be the key designer with our professional assistance.

Free Estimate and Design Appointments – just call (253) 590-4425 or Click Here!