Financing Options

Smart Money

12 months same as cash (oac) Up to 35,000. Signature loan, not a lien on your home! Simple. Ten minute approval. No fees. No appraisal. That’s it.

203K FHA Refinance

Take advantage of today’s low interest rates by including your home improvement project in your refinancing. You can add up to 35,000 to your new refinance and close your loan before your project is even started! No appraisal worries here.

Conventional Construction Loan with fixed rate conversion at completion.

This is a great way to really add value to your home. The appraisal is based upon the finished value of your. Your loan will be two phased. The initial phase is the construction phase and upon completion your loan will be converted to a permanent fixed rate loan with your choice of term.
This process is especially useful for larger projects.

Home Improvement Second

We offer a home improvement second for those customers who have established equity and already have a great rate on their first mortgage. The advantage is in the lower fees.