There so many window companies that like to play the “old guard” pricing games with customers; today’s customers are more savvy than that! You don’t want to sit and listen to exhaustingly long in-home presentations with a high pressure salesman’s slick suit and sharp pen; you hate pricing games, which is why you should give Ampro a call.

We don’t use high-pressure salesman, bait and switch pricing games… and well, we like it that way! We offer a high quality product at a competitive price with an industry-leading warranty; backed by the fact that we’ve been in business for over 30 years, you’ll actually have someone to file a claim with should something go wrong.

Options have value

When you call Ampro for a quality window quote we don’t make you do the legwork. Our window specialist will come out and make accurate measurements of your windows and discuss with you, options for the look and quality that you need. Because this area has so many different styles of homes this naturally means that there are many different styles of windows. We do not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all mentality that many of the fly-by-night window companies have. We will discuss the materials, textures and level of protection offered in our top quality, energy-efficient window selections.

New Vinyl Replacement Window Advantages

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

Replacement windows by Ampro can help your home in many different ways: Saving on the heating & cooling bill, security, esthetics & cut down on outside noise. Most energy for your home is lost through the windows, and in this area with home known for alot of windows; upgrading can mean big savings. Technology over the years in the home improvement industry has focused on bringing the best of features into products and upgrades for your home. Before you had to pick: a window that was bulky and efficient or one that looked great. Now with the different series of window options offered by Ampro; you get the best of both!

FACT: New energy efficient vinyl replacement windows can save as much as 30% on your heating and cooling bills!

Other Great Features of Ampro Series Windows


New vinyl windows can add greatly to the comfort of your home by eliminating drafts, hot spots and cold areas.  New Vinyl replacement windows also reduce noise from outside, like from a busy street.

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Budget Minded Options

Ampro buys directly from the manufacturers, cutting out the middle man.  This allows you the buyer to buy a better window for your money. We offer different levels of quality based on the need and your budget.

While some companies only have the connections to offer just one style or level of window, we offer multiple series and styles to fit nearly every budget.


Ampro windows are custom manufactured to your exact fit and specifications.  Ampro elite vinyl replacement windows are manufactured by Ply Gem and Alside and are rated in the top 5 of all window manufacturers by nationally respected building associations. We don’t skimp on quality, which is one of the reasons we are still in business after 30 years!

Peace of Mind Warranty

Ampro elite vinyl replacement windows carry a lifetime warranty against glass failure or breakage.  If anything should go wrong, Ampro will repair or replace at no cost to the owner.  Plus, The Ampro Lifetime warranty is transferable to the next owner should you decide to sell your home!

Ampro Triple Pane Windows

Why Triple Pane?

Triple Pane has been the standard for over ten years. At Ampro, triple pane windows are our standard. Every major window brand agree that triple pane windows are over 30% more efficient than double pane.

Triple pane offers maximum efficiency with maximum comfort. Outside noise is virtually eliminated, providing you some peace and quiet.

Why don’t other dealers offer triple pane windows as standard?

Ampro vinyl window frames are designed with multi chamber construction to handle triple pane. Many manufacturer’s vinyl frames do not have the strength or spacing to handle triple pane.

Why are Ampro’s triple pane windows cheaper than others?

Ampro offers triple pane windows at cheaper prices because we buy direct from the manufacturer; giving us buying power that we pass along to our customers.

Ampro Premium Series Windows

Ampro knows that customers want the best products for the best price. Our triple paned Ampro Elite Premium Series Vinyl Windows are custom manufactured out of the highest rated materials and are backed by a 50 year warranty. These high performance vinyl windows mean you will not only see a decrease on the electric bill, but help to ensure year around comfort as well.

  • Triple pane is standard for maximum energy efficiency
  • Convenient tilting or removable sash for easy cleaning.
  • Insulated frames and super warm edge glass spacers are standard
  • Both window sashes move for added comfort and style.
  • Available in many different style configurations.
  • Double Hung and Sliding Windows rolling on brass rollers make opening and closing a dream!

Ampro Mezzo Premium windows come in just about every style including: double hung, sliding, picture, casement and awning windows. Ampro Mezzo Premium Series windows are backed by a 50 year transferable warranty including the glass unit.

Ampro Pro Series Windows

Pro Series windows are designed for our customers wanting the look and features of a premium window for an affordable price. Standard features include:

  • Triple pane glass packages
  • Super warm edge glass spacers
  • Single hung vertical windows as well as sliding windows which operate like a dream on brass rollers.
  • Multi chamber frames for strength and added efficiency.

Ampro Pro Series allow choices of styles including single hung, sliders, picture windows, casement and awning windows; to name just a few… Ampro Pro Series Windows are backed by the Ampro 50 year transferable warranty, including the glass package.


Ampro Builders Series

Ampro Builders Series are the number one choice of builders for an energy efficient window at an entry level price. Standard features include:

  • High efficiency double pane glass packages.
  • Many different style choices are available including single hung, sliding, picture and casement to name a few…

Ampro Builder Series windows carry the same 50 year warranty as all Ampro windows transferable to the next owner. Ampro Builders Series windows are perfect for customers wanting less features while still purchasing a solid window.

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