5 Great Reasons to Consider a Home Remodeling Project

Picture of a house | home remodeling service Tacoma WaWhile there might be some individual or personal reasons why you would consider a home remodeling project for your Tacoma area home, there are some fairly standard reasons why many choose to remodel. Ampro Builders, when speaking with clients, enjoys to learn why a particular remodel was chosen; because it allows us to better personalize the final result. Listed below are the top  reasons that we found people choose to do a home remodeling project in the Tacoma area.

1. The Housing Market is a Buyers Paradise

Several years ago the housing market in the Tacoma area was turned upside down, as was the rest of the country, when home values plummeted. It became very difficult for homeowners to be able to recoup the value of their home leaving them with the decision of taking a loss during the sale or staying in the home and riding out the market. As a result of banks foreclosing on properties in wholesale fashion, left the Tacoma housing market with a surplus of homes that can be purchased inexpensively, then professionally remodeled; to either sell or remain in for many years to come.

As the housing market is gaining steady recovery, this has meant that those homeowners that have had homes professionally remodeled, noted greater returns on their investment than those that were not. The homebuyers market, being so competitive because of the surplus of homes, would mean that your home would need an edge to see your solid return on investment; professional remodeling can help do that.

2. Professional Remodeling as a Financial Investment

For those that took advantage of the housing downturn in the Tacoma area and purchased a home that had instant equity; the main decision was now to decide whether to remodel to keep, or remodel as a home for many years to come. Regardless of the reason, utilizing this instant equity to invest back into your home is a sound financial decision. Especially when choosing to have a bathroom remodeling project or kitchen remodeling project done that generally holds a good portion of the investment for 10 to 15 years.

3. Making Preparations for Retirement

Having a remodeling project done for your Tacoma area home is one of those types of improvements that will not only benefit you today, but as you move closer to retirement. By getting much of the home updates done now if can free up capital for other projects, as well as increase the value of the home in case a second mortgage is needed later on. Thinking about adding a hobby room, man cave or basement remodeling project? These are all great additions to help make your retirement that much more enjoyable.

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Interior windows - home remodeling service Tacoma Wa4. Saving on the utility Bill

Many home improvements and remodeling projects can significantly help you when it comes to your Tacoma area home’s utility bill. By putting in energy-efficient windows, less drafty doors and insulation you will see a notable change in your utility bill. (based naturally on usage) Additional improvements done during a larger remodeling project such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel will bring in updated fixtures, wiring and appliances that will also help as well.

5. Making the most useful room in your home… More useful

I doubt many would argue that the Tacoma area kitchen is really the heart of the home. It’s the gathering place, office, craft room, conference center and… where you cook. For such an important room in your home a remodeling project to update fixtures, electrical, increase the size or change the style; simply makes sense. A kitchen remodeling project for your Tacoma is also one of the best return on investments (ROI’s) that you can do, as that it retains a large portion of the initial investment for up to 10 to 15 years. (Depending on materials, workmanship and warranty).

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Ampro Builders has become the premier home remodeling service for the Tacoma area because of our use of quality materials and timeless workmanship to provide a project that will last for many years to come. With construction materials the lowest that they’ve been over the last 10 years it’s a good time to have the professionals at Ampro Builders provide you a detailed estimate to create the remodeling project of your dreams.

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4. The Completed Project

After installation our job isn’t complete. A Thorough clean-up will take place, we will remove any containers, materials, tools and debris from the yard, driveway and work area. We also use a large magnet to pick up any stray nails.

Once that is done you will be invited to inspect the project (safety permitting) and a review of your warranty information and documentation will be provided.

With all of our roofing projects we provide an additional workmanship guarantee: If there is any problem due to how we installed your roof within four days; we will have the project manager immediately returned to perform an inspection and schedule a time to correct the problem.

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3. Getting Started

Once you have decided to utilize AmPro as your roofing project contractor we will work with your schedule to arrange the delivery of your initial materials (shingles, lumber, supplies). We will then coordinate the installation date for your repair or installation.

(Note these dates may be moved slightly because of a change in weather. Rain, high winds and extreme temperatures will place unnecessary hazards on our installers. While we strive to get your roofing project done as quickly as possible, we cannot sacrifice safety for a deadline)

On the day of installation we will need full access to your driveway, most materials will then be transported to your roof with very few materials and supplies left on your driveway. We will also be bringing a large container for the old shingles and damage supports to be removed and recycled. Based upon the location of your driveway in conjunction with the roof it may be necessary to utilize the front or back yard to access the roof safely.

Great care will be taken to keep from damaging the lawn however, these large trucks and heavy containers have been known to dig into the grass. If you have any concerns with this please speak with us prior to the day of installation.

Ampro removes all old roofing materials and flashings down to the wooden deck. The deck is inspected thoroughly and repaired as needed before the new roofing system is installed.

Note: The day before your roofing project repair installation you will want to remove fragile items from your walls. Vibrations from a roofing project can easily translate through the walls of your home, these mild vibrations may shake loose pictures and knickknacks that are not securely affixed.

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2. The Estimate

The estimate process for AmPro is a very detailed one. We want to make sure that we fairly and accurately bid all roofing projects based upon as many discoverable factors as we can. When the project manager visits with you for this process, they will first inspect the area utilizing their experience to identify any hidden problems that may present themselves during the project.

The project manager will then sit down with you to determine the types of roofing materials (repair or replacement) that may be needed to properly complete the roofing project. AmPro offers composition architectural shingles, cedar and metal available in many styles and colors.

Because we offer so many different styles of shingles, as well as roofing systems, this detailed presentation will provide you with solid information and choices so that your roofing project will be perfect once completed.

We do not use high price salesman, the project manager that visits with you will be your main point of contact throughout your roofing project.

Note: Because there are so many roofing companies out there that bid towards the mindset of the “lowest-priced gets the job” we are careful to explain the materials used, expertise and labor utilized and warranties backed by over 30 years in the construction industry. So many roofing services out there will simply throw out a casual low bid with little to no inspection or consideration for materials or quality.

We always will provide a competitive bid for comparable project estimates. We cannot outbid a fly-by-night company that does not have proper licenses and insurance, uses substandard materials or lack of a roofing system. This is not a reflection on our price, but rather a reflection on the quality job, that we will be placing our guarantee on, for many years to come.

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1. The First Contact

From the first phone call to AmPro you’ll know that you have connected with a company that respects your time and input towards the roofing process. At this point we will be excited to answer any questions you have about the company, materials, warranty or any other information that you may need to help you make a decision to utilize our services.

We are happy to provide referrals of the many satisfied customers that AmPro has had a privilege to serve.

We would love set up an appointment where a project manager will visit for an initial inspection of your roofing needs.

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